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If you are applying for an award, enter your legal name. The Federal Granting Agencies use your profile name for all official correspondence. For more information on the public requirements for the proactive disclosure of grants and contributions, including legal name, refer to the Guidelines on the Reporting of Grants and Contributions Awards.

To register with SSHRC, complete the registration information below. Type NONEX in the family name or given name field should one of these not apply to your name. Then click on "Save". It is important to remember your password and to keep it in a secure location because you will need it every time you log on to the SSHRC on-line system. If you forget your password, do not re-register. Instead, click on the link "Forgot your password?" located on the Logon screen.

The information you provide in your on-line Curriculum Vitae (CV) or application will be stored on a secure server and protected in accordance with federal laws and policies. It will be password protected and accessible only to you. This information will be used for the purposes of reviewing applications and administering awards.

Your registration information will be kept on file indefinitely provided that you use the SSHRC on-line system. Should you discontinue the use of this system, your information will remain valid for six years from the time of your last interaction with the system. Once the six-year period has elapsed, your registration information will be deleted.


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